One of my favorite pistols is the FNX-45 Tactical, a tremendous improvement over the FNP Tactical. It’s low bore axis makes the pistol  very easy to control. The grip is nicely textured which when combined with the interchangeable backstarp makes for a very comfortable grip that is customizable to most hand sizes. The pistol comes with a stainless steel 5.3” threaded extended barrel that is suppressor ready. The stainless steel slide has high-profile combat night sights and includes two mounting bases to accept multiple styles of optional red-dot electronic sights. The trigger has a pretty long travel but breaks nicely with a fairly short reset.


FN’s Ballista remains my one my favorite precision rifles on a very short list. The Ballista was the first precision rifle to hit the military space  with an interchangeable barrel architecture. The shooter can easily convert calibers from 338 Lapua to 300 Win Mag or .308 Winchester in under two minutes. The Ballista features a 26” stainless steel barrel with continuous polygonal rifling. Ambidextrous magazine release and an adjustable trigger are also included. A great precision rifle that is capable of sub-MOA performance.


FN MK20 MOD 0 SSR (Sniper Support Rifle)

Type designated as the MK 20 SSR, the FN SCAR® Sniper Support Rifle (SSR) is a tailored design for long-range precision fire applications while also providing capability to fight close in. Based on the MK 17 SCAR® , the SSR is capable of sub-minute of angle accuracy out to and beyond 1,000 yards. The SSR features an extended receiver rail for mounting in-line night vision and thermal devices with standard/sniper optics. It features an enhanced trigger requiring no adjustments that is heavy enough for field use but precise enough for long-range target engagement. The proprietary barrel extension and barrel profile improve accuracy, and the fully-adjustable non folding stock enables the operator to optimize the rifle for firing position and body type. In October 2010, upon successful in-theater combat assessments, the FN SCAR® SSR was granted Milestone C (the acquisition phase associated with fielding/deployment).

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