The 2016 election cycle has been an eye-opening experience for me and I’ve been participating in the political process since I could legally vote. In 2016 something has become very evident, the relentless and insidious defining of a Presidency by a media who sadly has a lower confidence rating than Congress. Rather than focusing on candidate positions, the who, what and why, we find ourselves listening to their microscopic analysis of tweets and tainted literal interpretations of things said. Instead of analyzing actions they analyze words as if words are all defining. There is an expectation on the media’s part of political aristocracy where every word is measured, every word is targeted and non of which become actionable commitments by their orator. This expectation of sophistication is inconsistent with the Constitution where the only burden placed on a candidate is that they be a native son or daughter, that they be elected as prescribed and that once in office they uphold the Constitution and defend it against foreign and domestic threats. By that standard a mailman, plumber or clerk can occupy the office if duly elected. No where in our Constitution is a candidate required to be an attorney or even know a word of what the Magna Carta says, or posses a commanding knowledge of world affairs. The media seems to be obsessed by historical firsts rather than vetting candidates. Through their insouciance, they promote a political aristocracy which is both dangerous and inconsistent with the Founder’s vision for America. In closing, we call your attention to the fact that historical firsts do not define courage, wisdom, integrity and leadership – the Holocaust was too a historical first.

This has been our Friday shoot-the-shit topic. We wish you an outstanding weekend with your buds and family. Be safe and keep in mind that all shoot-the-shit rules apply. Let us hear from you.

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