OTIS Technology introduced the Ripcord® one pass cleaning tool in August 2013, since then they’ve added support for several pistol and rifle calibers. Last January, at the 2016 SHOT SHOW, the company introduced a Ripcord® for your shotguns in 12 ga and 20 ga. The Ripcord product line was designed to provide shooters with an easy to carry and easy to use system to clean your weapon’s chamber and bore quickly  with one pass. The system works best when used soon after shooting and does not require the use of solvents or lubricants. However, should fouling call for the use of a bore brush or patch, the Ripcord will accept all OTIS cleaning components.


Its Nomex® fiber coating and unique shape make for an aggressive 360 degree cleaning  from Breech-to-Muzzle® and the Ripcord® can be used at any angle or orientation, making cleaning a breeze. The braided Nomex® surface can take up to 700° heat, so you can clean it at the range or in the field while the barrel’s still hot. The helix-shaped rubber core maintains pressure against the barrel.

OTIS Ripcords are available at a number of brick and mortar retailers and online for $7 – $15 depending on caliber. They work and work well.

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