Qui est Omar Mateen, l’auteur de l’attentat d’Orlando ?

This morning’s Le Monde asks who is Omar Mateen,  I’d like to answer that question. Omar Mateen was a disenfranchised Muslim U.S. Citizen, who felt the way to self actualize was to live out the warrior fantasy through association with or himself becoming that great mujahidin. He is the perfect ISIL / AQ candidate for radicalization. This is not a new approach and for years AQ has had as part of their business plan the recruitment, read radicalization, of individuals with no prior contact with law enforcement. This makes the task of detection and preemption extraordinarily difficult, and further complicated by the faux privacy issues created through the Edward Snowden fiasco. The very same individuals that were lambasting the National Security Agency are now asking how something like this could happen.

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