A while back, I had the opportunity to read the FBI’s 2011-national-gang-threat-assessment-emerging-trends report and summarized some of its findings in the following post; “Law enforcement officials in 34 jurisdictions report that the majority of gang-related crime is committed with firearms.” The FBI’s 2013 National Gang Intelligence Report, which you can download here is even more disturbing.

All of which support our assertion that the most effective way to deal with gun crimes and gun violence in our country is to deal with the gang threat and gang related activities. Stricter gun laws, banning of specific weapon types and gun show loop holes will not accomplish a thing.

Unfortunately, we have a media that is clueless on gun laws and what it takes to legally purchase a firearm through the internet. So, the information getting to the public, who rely on the media’s pseudo integrity, is flawed – and, boy oh boy, there’s nothing like an uninformed electorate to get your agenda through. I guess it’s easier to look at your iPhone and report on tweets than research a story. Regrettably, our elected officials are part of that consuming public and they too lack the desire to learn something about the problem. Hence, we wind up with reams of legislation that are a vulgar display of cranial-rectal inversions, and when you line them up, side by side, it looks like the work of a schizophrenic.  SO, we sit back and wonder why problems don’t get solved. I would really love to see a show of hands on who in the U.S. Congress has read the NGIC reports!

The video below is a vivid example of how gangs and criminal come to posses firearms. This perpetrator walked into a pawnshop in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, May 2015, and attempted to walk out of the store with a rifle.

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