Brownells New Product Review With Paul Levy


Products featured in this week’s video include:

1. Magpul Tejas “El Burro” Belt. Tough polymer belt has features similar to Magpul leather Tejas belt, including the ability to swap buckles without using any tools. Stiff construction makes it ideal for supporting a holster, spare mag carriers and other gear. Aluminum hardware won’t rust and keeps the belt lightweight. Available in Black and Coyote, in men’s sizes from 32 up to 44. $56.99 retail.

2.  Haley Strategic D3 Sling. Padded sling has fast-adjustment pull and QD sling attachments to let the user quickly install and remove, or configure it for different types of carry and support. Low-profile QD attachments won’t interfere with ASAP plates on carbines. Instantly converts from two-point sling to single-point sling

  • D3 Sling, Black. #100-019-788. $89.99 retail.
  • D3 Sling, Coyote. #100-019-789. $89.99 retail.

3. Falcon 37 Habu AR-15 Charging Handle (#100-019-893). Specialized charging handle drops into AR-15 rifles and converts from latch-style charging to charging similar to working the slide on a semi-auto pistol. Allows shooter to keep firing hand in position, and use off hand to charge the firearm. Gives completely ambidextrous function.  Surface is serrated to give positive grip in all weather conditions, or when wearing gloves. Also provides a raised cheek weld for shooting with an optic or scope. $137.84 retail.

4. Sandpiper Of California Bugout Bag. Roomy packs are made of tough nylon, and give both slings and straps for easy carry. Multiple compartments accept all the gear and supplies required in the field or on the range. Large enough to take on trips lasting for a few days. Available in a variety of colors and camo patterns.

  • Bugout Bag, Multi Cam, #100-019-926. $165.99 retail.
  • Bugout Bag, ABU, #100-019-921. $113.99 retail.
  • Bugout Bag, ACU. #100-019-922. $113.99 retail.
  • Bugout Bag, Coyote. #100-019-923. $99.99 retail.
  • Bugout Bag, Black. #100-019-924. $99.99 retail.
  • Bugout Bag, Foliage Green. #100-019-925. $99.99 retail.
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