We’ll be closing out August with a stem-to-stern overview of Morphix Technologies Trace X explosives detection system. It’s a foregone conclusion that our homeland is under an increasing and very real threat from self radicalized individuals or directed terror group activity. The Orlando killings once more demonized the modern semiautomatic rifle. This faux “assault rifle’s” prowess is greatly exaggerated to serve an flawed agenda. My concern is not an AR-15, or AR-15 clone, my concern is someone driving a vehicle laden with propane gas ignited by a home made explosive device into a venue or facility.  So we decided to take a look at one of the most successful technologies available to the individual law enforcement officer or agent as they labor to be preemptive in what is a very serious fight. Using TraceX the officer or agent can easily test a suspect, or suspected dwelling,  for the presence of explosive substances.

Catch our upcoming review in August.

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