Our prayers and thoughts go out to the 12 Dallas officers who were victims of an ambush against the DPD. The three perpetrators fired on DPD officers from elevated positions as they provided security for Black Lives / All Lives Matter protestors. Five officers were killed and 7 officers wounded, with varying degrees of injury; several in critical condition. The attack has been called the most lethal attack on police since 9/11.

DPD the country is behind you. We appreciate your service, your courage and love of country!


DPD identified a single shooter Micah Xavier Johnson of Mesquite, Texas, a military veteran who served in Afghanistan. PFC Johnson was contacted by DPD negotiators; however, Johnson expressed his dissatisfaction with the drivers behind the Black Lives Matter and the two police shootings in Baton Rouge and Minneapolis. Johnson also expressed his anger with whites especially white police officers. DPD terminated the threat by deploying a UGV with a C4 charge which it subsequently exploded killing Johnson. DPD has other suspects in custody and are investigating if there is a connection to Johnson or the shootings.

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