New Angle Cosine Indicator Improves Rifle Hunter Performance Shooting in Mountainous Terrain

Estes Park, COSniper Tools Design Company, LLC a Colorado-based, veteran-owned small business and owner-operator of the Mountain Shooting Center in Utah, is excited to introduce its patented new ACI-HUNTER for sportsmen who traverse the mountains in search of trophy big game. The ACI-HUNTER is the newest design of the company’s original, battlefield proven Angle Cosine Indicator-Military issued to US Special Forces and NATO marksmen throughout the world.
The innovative ACI-HUNTER was inspired by renowned Professional Hunter (PH) Bryan Martin, owner of
Asian Mountain Outfitters a respected international guide for hunters who pursues elusive trophy big game on mountainsides above the tree line, around the world. Martin’s clients needed a small, rifle-mounted device to help them quickly calculate the “gravity” distance to target, as opposed to the “line of sight” distance provided by laser range finders. This is a little understood area of long distance shooting in the mountains.
Martin all too often encounters experienced hunters, pumped with adrenaline, physically spent at high altitude, with the trophy of a lifetime in their cross hairs. “Some hunters really don’t realize how the science of gravity and

math impact the world of external ballistics when shooting up or down mountainsides and across deep valleys,” said Martin.  “At extreme angles and distances of hundreds of yards, this typically results in disappointing missed shots and loss of trophy animals.” So Martin approached his longtime friend Ward Brien, a US Army veteran and President and inventor of the Angle Cosine Indicator for a solution.
The compact ACI-HUNTER is precision manufactured in the USA from aerospace grade aluminum alloy weighing less than an ounce. By necessity it’s waterproof, ruggedized and impervious to hot and cold temperatures. The ACI-HUNTER is completely mechanical, needs no batteries and works in any climatic condition or altitude where the most sought after big game trophies roam.

The ACI-HUNTER conveniently mounts to the main tube of your rifle scope or Picatinny scope base rail. This ACI is intuitive – displaying angular measurements on the left side and the corresponding angle cosine on the right side of the unit. The device requires minimal training and only a command of basic math skills to make quick, accurate shots by referencing a handy pre-made range card attached to your rifle stock. Or you can incorporate ACI measurements into your favorite ballistic calculator for even more precise ballistic calculations by entering the angle or cosine!
Company President Ward Brien can attest to the effectiveness of his invention due to its continuing success and use in the military sniper community.  “The Sniper Tools Design team is excited about expanding into the hunting community,” said Brien. “Helping hunters become more proficient marksmen also means more ethically harvested animals and fewer wounded or lost trophies.  The ACI-HUNTER will provide sportsmen with the same dependable range correction performance as their military counterparts experience with our
MIL-SPEC ACI equipment.”

Hunters spend quite a bit of time and money on hunts and shooting equipment annually. The ACI-HUNTER is perhaps one of the few investments that can have a demonstrative impact on the success of that single shot they get on the elusive trophy of a life time at an MSRP of only $137.00.
For more information on the ACI-HUNTER visit the Sniper Tools Design website at

Sniper Tools Design Company, LLC is an Estes Park, Colorado based veteran owned small business with twenty years of experience developing tools for the commercial and military precision long range shooting community. In addition to manufacturing an American made family of patented, battle-proven Angle Cosine Indicators, the company’s principal is also a product design consultant and experienced precision rifle instructor.
Mountain Shooting Center (MSC) is based in southern UT at 9,000ft ASL and provides specialized precision rifle shooting courses for hunters and long range shooting enthusiasts. MSC conducts pre-season mountain hunter training and advanced long range mountain shooting courses. For LEO/GOV/MIL professional marksmen, MSC training includes Steep Angle High Altitude, Long Range Mountain Shooting, and Aerial Platform Shooting.

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