On Bastille Day; while men, women and children enjoyed celebratory fireworks, a lone terrorist drove a large truck through a crowded street in Nice; killing at least 80 people, including children, and injuring 50. These numbers are expected to rise as the victims are triaged. It was also reported that weapons and grenades were found in the truck and possibly explosives. The driver was shot dead by French Police.

We extend our sympathy to all of the victims and to the French people who have bravely suffered through three devastating terror attacks. Our prayers and thoughts are with you and we stand in solidarity with you.

Nous adressons ou de sympathie à toutes les victimes et au peuple français qui ont courageusement subi par trois attaques dévastatrices terroristes. Nos prières et nos pensées sont avec vous et nous sont solidaires avec vous.

The EU’s greatest success is the establishment of a common currency and enabling the free flow of goods and services in commerce. Its greatest failing is its attempt to undermine a national identity by eliminating borders.

Readers, every living organism on our planet has a mechanism for controlling what enters its structure. If that mechanism fails, the afflicted organism will die. The classical example is the HIV virus. HIV attacks the human immune system debilitating it to the point where it can no longer protect the individual. We call that condition Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or A.I.D.S. HIV is not what kills the afflicted, it’s everything else entering the body unimpeded. The EU has A.I.D.S. and we are seeing the effect of a borderless society. The EU’s social problems will continue to increase until member countries begin to enforce borders.

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