Readers, we made it through another week, it’s Friday and time for another shoot-the-shit. This week has been a little slow and  that gave us a chance to get caught up. It’s also been a week where we’ve seen more manure coming out of the DNC, in Philadelphia, than out of Nature’s Care compost plants. It’s unbelievable!

You have Bloomberg calling Trump dangerous and reckless. Now, this is the same guy who in 2012 decided to ban large-sized sweetened beverages in NYC (ruled unconstitutional in 2013 and upheld in 2014) and who sent out squads of investigators to travel the South  for the purpose of investigating firearm retailers – in GA, Bloomberg never even contacted GBI to extend the simple courtesy of notifying  them! This guy calls Trump dangerous and reckless! That deserve its own shoot-the-shit.  Instead we decided to shoot-the-shit about Russia’s hacking the DNC mail servers and the accusation that Trump is encouraging a foreign power to hack our communications.

Current and former military personnel are very good at separating the mission from policy; here’s what that means. It means that right, wrong or indifferent we execute the mission to the best of our ability. The policy issue is what you look at to make sure that your not stepping on your own genitalia, and the way we solve problems is by leaving no stone unturned even if it points home.

So, why would Russia mess with our 2016 elections by releasing compromising e-mail messages obtained from a DNC server? To do that, we need look no further than 2010-2013 of Ukraine’s history. Let’s refresh our recollection of events by listening to a recorded conversation between US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt, United States Ambassador to Ukraine . A BBC transcript is also available here.

Unless you’re incredibly naive, its pretty clear that the United States was attempting to install a government in the Ukraine that favors the West and deposes Viktor Yanukovych the Ukrainian President who was friendly to Russia (the mission). Nuland is even heard telling Ambassador Pyatt to keep Vitali Klitschko (who she calls Klit, Klitch or something to that effect), leader of the Ukrainian Democratic Alliance, out of government! How rude! The exact date of Nuland’s conversation with Ambassador Pyatt is unknown but it’s safe to say that our desire to depose Yanukovych has been an active project since he assumed the Ukrainian Presidency in 2010. Victoria Nuland was part of the Clinton State Department.

We’ll be first to admit that we don’t have access to all of the data, but it sure looks like Hillary Clinton was up to her eyebrows in a botched Ukrainian coupé. If you recall the Yevromaidan Revolution occurred in Feb 2014 but the ground work leading up to that event was laid during Secretary Clinton’s term at the State Department.

This event is a clear indication that policy and poor execution of a mission has us standing on our own labia majora. I guess no one ever briefed senior State Department Diplomats to limit sensitive conversations and/or e-mails to secure networks! – be that as it may. The fact that the Ukraine is historically and economically important to the Russian government and people, and Russian intelligence services didn’t just fall out of the banana trees, it’s quite possible that our actions in the Ukraine served as the catalyst for the Wiki Leaks disclosure of illicitly obtained DNC e-mail messages.

In closing, Donald Trump never suggested that the Russian government hack Mrs. Clinton’s e-mails but it’s quite probable they have. Be honest, who among you wouldn’t want to read through Secretary Clinton’s 30,000+ deleted e-mail messages.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our shoot-the-shit topic for the week!

Have a safe and relaxing weekend. Spend quality time with your buds and family and above all don’t let the bullshit get to you. If you must drink Kool Aid don’t drink someone else’s, just your own.

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