Why We Are Supporting Donald J Trump for President

 Trump Clinton

It’s Friday and we’re all glad the weekend is here. As customary we put forth our weekly shoot-the-shit topic on Friday. For those new to the site, a shoot-the-shit is an informal and unstructured discussion about any topic. You’ll find that our selections don’t necessarily follow the site’s central them. Instead we strive to publish something provocative, relevant and interesting.  In a shoot-the-shit, readers are able to make any unsupported comment, use uncensored profanity, insult anyone they wish or change the subject entirely. In summary, anything goes. With that bit of background out of the way, we’d like to tell you why we are throwing in our support behind Donald J. Trump for President.

The Constitution sets forth three requirements for eligibility to the Presidency. First, the candidate must have attained the age of 35. Second, the candidate must have been a resident of the United States for 14 consecutive years. Third, the candidate must be a natural born citizen or a citizen at the time the Constitution was adopted. Nowhere does it say that the candidate needs political experience, foreign service experience, military service, social standing, eloquence, sophistication, attained a specific educational level, be a specific gender, or religious affiliation. Therefore, anyone meeting the three requirements can aspire to the Presidency and serve as President if duly elected. Regrettably, over the years but more so now than ever before, the media has been actively promoting image over substance; an approach that is inconsistent with our Constitution. They are choosing to increasingly focus on façade and presentation. If you look good, talk good and are a first of a kind candidate you are a media darling. This is a huge disservice to their subscribers and the country as a whole, so we have a very serious problem with how professional media has been conducting this election coverage.

Being the first Martian American, Chinese American, Lesbian American, Transgender American, Woman or Black American to be elected President is trivial and irrelevant in all aspects other than history making. Sadly, voters who are widely misinformed and under informed are easily swayed by the media to support a first of a kind candidate.  Contributing to that is the fanatical desire of an entertainment industry who appoints itself as luminaries simply because they can fake an orgasm in front of a camera lens and pick up a $20 million check for it.

The United States of America, is under no obligation to emulate the EU, and Margaret Thatcher, Angela Merkel and Theresa May differ from Hillary Clinton in two very important ways, substance and quality. Any suggestion that we must elect a first of a kind candidate just because someone else has one is at best ridiculous.

So here is why we will be supporting Donald J. Trump in the upcoming elections.

  1. Although rough around the edges, and not even close to moderately eloquent, Donald Trump has been the only candidate to drill down and broach issues that political correctness have made unapproachable.
  2. Although he’s been accused of being a racist and xenophobic, we have been unable to find a single instance of racism and xenophobia in his personal or business dealings. Those are attributes assigned to Mr. Trump by a media that is capitalizing on his lack of oratory skills to fill in the blanks they would like to see communicated. Our challenge to the media is provide support for your allegation of racism.
  3. His economic policy makes complete sense. He plans to improve business climate by lifting burdensome regulations and lowering business taxes. That alone will draw capital out of a ridiculously overvalued stock market and enhance business creation. Unlike Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump will not create and Americas version of the EU, instead he will review and renegotiate trade agreements to level the playing field – devaluing currency and fixing labor rates will have their consequence. We have never seen an instance of Donald Trump suggesting isolationism, quite the opposite. Most readers and voters are unaware of a change made in Q3 of 2013, by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, to the way GDP was calculated. This is a paper change that resulted in a higher GDP being reported. The subsequent higher GDP did not come from real growth it was simply paper pop. You can read the BEA circular (here). Trump’s approach is to reduce or eliminate trade deficits and increase real GDP so that you have increased consumer spending, business investment and a growing tax base. Part of that strategy is energy independence by exploiting fossil fuels and renewables to keep energy abundant and inexpensive. Hillary Clinton wants to build solar panels. Here’s a little analysis for you.
    1. In the sunbelt for a 2,200 sq.ft. home you can plan on spending $30,000 for a system that will supply all of your home’s electrical requirements. You get a 30% tax credit so let’s deduct $9,000 from that and we arrive at a cost of $21,000. The average monthly electric bill in the area is $124 per month, so let’s divide the $21,000 by $124. It would take 169.4 months for the system to pay for itself. But that’s not really true because you had to borrow the $30,000 to have the system installed. Your monthly payment at 5% interest would be $247 to satisfy the loan in 170 months. You’d have to be a moron to do this! That’s how ridiculous the Clinton proposals are.
  4. Although Mr. Trump has never had military service, neither has Hillary Clinton. But, given her disregard for Benghazi and the handling of classified information along with her indifference, I’d be apprehensive. I’ll take my chances with Donald Trump. The “who do you trust with the nuclear codes” rhetoric is designed to play on the public’s ignorance of what has to happen before that order is executed. It is hypocritical to attack Donald Trump for his careless comments about the Khan Gold Star Family and in the same breath suggest that the Benghazi families are liars.
  5. On the issue of immigration, obviously news to Mr. Khan, the Constitution does not guarantee residence or immigration status to any foreign national Mr. Khan. The President elect’s Constitutional duty is to protect the country and its citizens from foreign and domestic threats. If execution of that duty requires banning or imposing quotas on foreign nationals of any ethnicity, religion or country of origin in the estimation of law enforcement and intelligence services, then that is what the President is required to do.
  6. On the issue of gun control, Donald Trump has repeatedly expressed his support for the Second Amendment. Hillary Clinton has called for civil suits to be filed against firearm manufacturers. She want’s modern semiautomatic rifles banned. So, we put that under a microscope and here’s a little bit of data for you.
    1. In 2014 the FBI reported that approximately 240 homicides were committed with rifles. The FBI does not differentiate between rifle types. For the same year (2014) we had drug induced deaths totaling 47,055 of which  Pharmaceutical Opioid Analgesics accounted for 18,893 and Heroin Overdose 10,574. Based on DEA data roughly $200 billion to $750 billion (in street value) worth of drugs is moving through the southern border. Hillary Clinton does not see securing the border as a national priority. Donald Trump sees it as a national priority.
  7. Where we differ with Mr. Trump is that we think the United States of America should invoice the Mexican Government for processing and providing services to their citizens while in the United States illegally. Turning a blind eye to illegal immigration only incentivizes what is one of the most corrupt countries in the hemisphere to do nothing. Illegal immigration should be a liability to Mexico and until that happens nothing will change. The Mexican Government has the capacity to patrol its northern border, stop or dramatically reduce drug trafficking and improve the lives of its wonderful people , and readers Mexicans are pretty cool – if you don’t believe it take a ride with a cholita on a hot springer – but they are getting the shaft from their Chilango brothers and sisters at every level of government.

We’d like to close by saying that if you call yourself a Republican there is no more vulgar way to express your stupidity than by not voting in this election, or worse yet voting for an independent. Donald J. Trump is not a perfect candidate, he’s not eloquent, politically correct, at times makes absurd faces, and lacks foreign policy experience; however, I’ll take no experience before I get behind bad experience on any day of the week. The 2016 elections are critically important to this country and our national identity as Americans. Sadly, in this case the known entity is in our estimation worse than the unknown. Vote!

Have a great weekend, be safe and spend some quality time with your buds and family it is all perishable!

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