Paris Drone Festival 4 Sep 2016

The Champs Elysees will be abuzz Sunday when the fast growing sport of FPV (first person view) drone racing descends on the most famous avenue in the world. And what better place to showcase the technology that’s transforming this from a geeky hobby to a mainstream spectator sport that’s emerging as the Formula One of the air.

The Paris Drone Festival is the first-ever outdoor event dedicated to burgeoning Drone industry. Open to the general public, the Paris Drone Festival’s mission is to both demonstrate the vast uses of Drones, as well as educate the general public about issues around safety & security.

We think that more events like the Paris Festival is what’s needed to overcome the draconian FAA regulations. In our community, there’s nowhere where a family can fly a drone because of the FAA’s 5 mile from an airport rule. Drones are here to stay and their uses are growing exponentially, the FAA needs to go back to the drawing board and publish rules that are reasonable and not knee jerk reactions.

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