Readers unfamiliar with Desert Tech need to know that they manufacture some of the most accurate precision rifles made. From inception, the company has focused on a bullpup interchangeable caliber architecture. From there, they moved into suppressors, ammunition and optics delivering on what I consider to be the systems approach to precision shooting. Readers that have been with me for a while know that from the begin of time I’ve always preached that the sniper platform is a seamless integration of system and shooter so there’s a natural affinity on my part for what Desert Tech has been doing.

Desert Tech has now released  a ballistic app for the iOS (v 1.2) and Android (v 1.2.1) platforms tailored to the long range shooter. They call it TRASOL and is available on the Apple and Android stores for $9.99.

TRASOL is the first ballistic application to incorporate Heads-Up Display (HUD) technology. By using your mobile device’s built-in camera and onboard sensors, TRASOL allows users to point their device at their target and automatically generate extremely accurate ballistic solutions, capture video and determine target speed.

In long range shooting, many of the variables that could easily be ignore from 100 to 800 yards are no longer optional; instead they are critical to predicting an accurate flight path. In long range precision shooting, you are dealing with bullet flight times in excess of 2 seconds. In bullet time this is an eternity; one during which your projectile is acted on by a number of environmental and physical factors. TRASOL was specifically developed to handle those complexities using your smart device. App features also include cold bore and zero setting tracking.

iPhone Screenshot 1

The app integrates inputs from your Kestrel Weather Meter and LRF with your smart device internal sensors like the GPS and magnetometer. That integration creates the comprehensive input for TRASOL’s software to provide an extremely accurate firing solution.

You’ll want to check Desert Tech’s TRASOL for sure. Visit your iStore or Google Play for all the details and to download the app.

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