Companies only attempt to knock off the best products, brands and concepts. They see what works best, what is popular, and try to cash in on that recognition and known reliability. The TACO® line is no different, and is often copied but never to our level of quality or functionality. Its patent-pending design makes the TACO® the most versatile pouch on the market. To ensure you don’t waste your hard-earned money on cheap knockoffs that you’ll soon need to replace, anyway, look for the features detailed in the informational graphic above.

High Speed Gear’s® TACO® line allows users to secure just about any magazine in place, regardless of caliber, without needing to reconfigure or purchase different pouches. This allows you to use the same pouch for a number of different calibers and tools. Whether you run a belt or MOLLE rig, there’s a TACO® for you!
Furthermore, this line of pouches is perfect for more than just service members and law enforcement officers. Our TACO® pouches have been utilized by many other sectors, including line workers, electronics companies, water craft operators, first responders, construction workers and a large spectrum of shooting sports enthusiasts.
The bottom line is the TACO® is a heck of a pouch. And if it’s not HSGI®, it’s just not a TACO®


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