TAC SHIELD Universal Long Gun Cleaning Kits



Universal Rifle Cleaning Kit and a Universal Shotgun Cleaning Kit: Both feature the most commonly needed hardware components necessary to maintain these long guns, including premium brass cleaning rods and a pull-through cable. These components in particular help protect the muzzle to prevent accuracy robbing wear or damage.
The Universal Rifle 25pc Cleaning kit has the components necessary for maintaining common tactical and sporting rifle calibers. In addition to the premium quality brass cleaning rods and pull through cable, the kit contains bore brushes and mops in .22 cal., .243 cal./6mm, .270 cal./.280 cal./7mm and .30 cal. Six bits come with each kit including two flat blade screwdriver tips, 2 Phillips screw driver tips, one star drive tip and one hex tip. Twenty five patches come with each rifle kit.
The Universal Shotgun 20pc Cleaning Kit comes with the brass cleaning rod, pull-through cable, six piece bit set and a thread adapter for the cleaning rods. The bore brushes and mops for 12 gauge, 20 gauge and .410 as well as 25 cleaning patches are included.
Both the Universal Rifle and Universal Shotgun Cleaning kits use a multifunction handle that works with the cleaning rod, pull-through cable and six piece bit set. The hinged hard plastic case for each kit is custom molded to the components protect them as well as keep them organized and easy to use. Both the Universal Rifle and Universal Shotgun cleaning kits are now available and have an MSRP of $25.99.

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