It’s Friday and time for our weekly shoot-the-shit topic. For readers wondering why we did not publish a shoot-the-shit topic last Friday, we paused to remember 9/11 and all the souls who lost their lives on that tragic day.

As you know, we strive to select topics that challenge readers or perhaps provide some illumination; many are not relevant to the blogs central theme but certainly relevant. Beyond that, we believe in providing you with an opportunity to make any unsupported statement, use uncensored profanity, insult anyone you wish or change the subject altogether.  It’s also consistent with our belief that mental health “professionals” are living proof that free market economies produce sufficient surpluses to support their ass.

The 2016 Presidential Elections are just over 52 days away and we’ll say this is the most impactful elections you’ll ever be a part of, WE ARE VERY SERIOUS.  We also solidly support NSSF #GUNVOTE initiative.

This country has been morphing in ways that give us reason for concern. You may have also noticed that the modern-day liberal agenda is insidious. The study of American History in schools is in decline or diminished, the U.S. flag is diminished, pledging allegiance to the flag is all but gone, public expressions of faith are actively discouraged and political correctness (PC) is being used as a rubber hose to deny you freedom of expression that is inconsistent with the liberal agenda. The modern liberal objective is the destruction of your national identity. To that end, immigration laws are not enforced and if you even raise that as an issue you are branded a bigot. Readers, our national identity is the reason so many people around the world struggle to be part of our social fabric. Destroying our national identity destroys our understanding of where we’ve been and our journey but as anyone who’s done navigation work knows, if you don’t know where you’ve been you won’t get to where you’re going. It makes us susceptible to being led by someone else’s vision not your own. This was the driving force behind the BREXIT movement which saw the UK leave the EU. It is critically important that we remain alert and cognizant of these forces.

A recent and vivid example of that liberal brow beating is Hillary Clinton’s tasteless branding of half of Donald Trump supporters as “Deplorable” while speaking at a New York City fundraiser. So, in this week’s shoot-the-shit we’re going to help you decide if you are “Deplorable.” If your one of the undecided voters check out the poll, you may be surprised about how much we have in common. BUT, before we jump into our little survey, allows us a bit of time on the subject of  “phobic / phobia.”

A phobia is a clinical term defined by the Mayo Clinic as…

an overwhelming and unreasonable fear of an object or situation that poses little real danger but provokes anxiety and avoidance.

Now, I don’t know about you but I’ve never seen anyone run in terror or flee from a gay man or lesbian woman. I’ve run across individuals who prefer a more traditional life style, I’ve run across individuals that used derogatory language to discuss gay and lesbian lifestyles and sadly I’ve heard of individuals who physically assault gays and lesbians, but folks these aren’t phobias. If you use derogatory language you’re a moron and if you assault anyone you’re a criminal; none of these are phobic! They’re simply components of a social milieu that is as complex as the heavens and even includes those who will only tell you the truth when they know you can prove they’re liars. No amount of political correctness will change that. So the political correctness movement is not an attempt to illuminate it’s the imposition of one will over the other. So, when Hilary Clinton describes 50% of Trump supporters as the “Deplorable” she is simply feeding the fears of a support base that lacks the ability to separate truth from reality and that reality is absolutely perilous. So, are you a “Deplorable?”

The survey  provides you with 10 statements. You can select none or any number that you agree with. To be considered a “Deplorable” you need to agree with a minimum of 7 statements. We’ve also included an extra credit statement to help you reach the passing score. If you select the extra credit statement you are definitely “Deplorable.”Once you’ve determined that you are “Deplorable” we ask you to register to vote and support Donald J Trump for President.

Have a great weekend! Keep coming back and lets us know what you think, but before you do that please spend some time with your buds and family. It’s all perishable and irreplaceable!
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