100 years ago, Ruger founder and firearms legend, William B. Ruger was born. In honor of the man who created one of the most iconic firearms brands in American history, Hornady has partnered with Ruger to offer commemorative ammunition in limited-edition packaging.

These collector’s items include the popular 204 32 gr V-Max® load and the 480 Ruger, big-bore hunting favorite. Packaged in soft-touch, suede-like packaging with embossed foil logos and a woodcut-effect image of Mr. Ruger, these packages are sure to grace the shelves and display cases of collectors the world over.

Ruger Commemorative Ammo

Hornady is releasing two limited ammunition runs bearing William B. Ruger’s namesake:  480 Ruger and 204 Ruger— both are high performance cartridges. Purchase from your local retailer, or order online at ruger.com for a limited time.

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