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T.G.I.F. It is Friday and time for another shoot-the-shit topic. Hey guys is anyone besides us glad to see this 2016 election come to and end? We congratulate President Elect Donald J Trump. The take away from this election, at least for us, is that we live in a form of government where the power is with the people and that power comes from the Constitution. We also walk away with a better understanding of just how many people are out there that view our Constitution as an outdated document written by a bunch of old guys. One of the big bones of contention is the popular vote vs. the electoral college argument. We spent this week talking to people about the Presidential Election and something was apparent and that is people don’t understand why the Founders created the Electoral College. In this week’s shoot the shit we’ll give you a non-technical explanation that should clear things up. As with all shoot the shits, readers a free to make unsupported comments, use uncensored profanity, insult anyone you wish or altogether change the subject.

So, why is having an Electoral College a good thing? To ensure equal representation! The popular vote concept is a giant placebo that’s very palatable but does little to help democracy.

For a moment assume that our Presidential Elections were based on the popular vote, it means that New York City with its 8,550,405 residents has greater influence in setting government’s priorities than the entire State of Delaware with its 949,506 residents. Without an Electoral College, candidates would not campaign in Delaware, Alabama, Mississippi, Utah, Iowa, Idaho…etc., instead they would be campaigning and advancing the interests of Los Angelinos, New Yorkers, Chicago etc. Can you imagine what this country would be like if major population centers had a greater influence on government than you? It scares the crap out of us and it should scare the crap out of you!

The quickest way to surrender your Constitutional rights, and your freedom, is to go to a popular vote. It is that simple and it’s the reason the “Progressives” are pushing that action. Don’t drink the popular vote Kool-Aid.

We hope this helps you understand why having an Electoral College is a very good thing. Stay alert and stay involved.

Let us hear from you if the spirit moves you. Have a great weekend spend some quality time with your buds and family. Holiday Season is at our door step!

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