BURRIS AR-332 and AR-536 Prism Sights

The 3x AR-332 and the 5x AR-536 use a glass prism instead of a series of lenses to reflect and magnify the image, which gives great optical clarity in far less space, making the Burris AR prism sights compact and light.  Both feature the Ballistic CQ reticle that lets you engage targets out to 500 yards. The reticle can be set to green or red illumination (or left black), letting you match any light conditions. Combined with a FastFire reflex sight, it is easy to quickly acquire and engage target from close to mid-range.
For the free FastFire promotion, buy the AR Prism Sight at your favorite Burris retailer, then send us the form and proof of purchase for your FastFire. For
details on the promotion, and downloadable redemption form click here.
This promotion ends December 31st, 2016

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