India Is Back In The Market For A New Assault Rifle

India has been toying with  replacing the problematic INSAS rifles and in 2015 the Indian Army made a decision to replace their in-service INSAS rifle with an indigenous improved version of INSAS designated the Excalibur chambered in 5.56. The Excalibur operates in full auto, a departure from the 3 round burst of the INSAS assault rifle.

The Excalibur performed reliably in trials with only two failure to eject in 24,000 rounds fired.  The Excalibur barrel is also shorter by 4 mm, featured  a side folding buttstock and  a Picatinny mounting rail.

Amogh & Excalibur.jpg

The Indian Government views the 5.56 round as “a cartridge better suited to war because it only wounds which ties up two additional men to care for the wounded soldier.” While the 7.62 x 51 is “better for counterinsurgency” for its lethality; hence, the Indian Army was looking for a caliber conversion as well. In 2016 that requirement was abandoned and now the Indian Government is looking to replace the service INSAS rifle with a rifle chambered in a 7.62 x 51. All of this sounds like a great opportunity for IWI which already has a relationship with India or Fabrique National Herstal with the excellent SCAR 17 rifle.

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