Man can you believe that Christmas is upon us, 2016 is at an end and I for one can’t wait to get this behind us. What a year readers! It’s Friday and time for our weekly shot the shit topic.

I use my smart device for much more than just texting or checking e-mails and those applications require that the device magnetic sensor is operating properly. Quite often you’ll find that map orientation is way off or compass headings are 90 degrees out. Direction of fire for example is an important parameter because from that you’ll understand relative wind direction. So, it’s important for the sensor to point magnetic North. Interestingly enough, manufacturers like Samsung provide little or no information on how to calibrate your magnetic sensor. Nor do they provide an app that allows you to do that; therefore, I’m going to show you how to do that. A couple of caveats before I document the procedure.

First, you should perform this procedure outdoors and away from your typical magnetic influences like stereo speakers, power lines, etc., etc.

Second, this procedure is limited to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7.

Alright here’s the procedure.


1.  From your home screen, identify your phone app and open it up

20161215_1839372.   From your phone app enter the following string *#0*#


3.  You’ll see a display with a number of tiles. Select the tile labeled “Sensor”


4.   At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see the Magnetic Sensor box. From here you can run a self test or Power Noise Test ( this is an advanced test which will mean little to you). In the lower left hand corners you’ll see a window with a red line. This red line lets you know that the magnetic sensor should be calibrated.

20161215_184016 - Copy

To calibrate the sensor, rotate the phone on the X,Y and Z axis (all axis). You should now see a blue or green line. Once that happens you are done.

back5.  To get out of this maintenance screen repeatedly press the back button until you get back to your normal home screen. The phone may not respond immediately to the back button press – No sweat, just continue to press it.

When you’re done, you’ll find that your compass apps or navigation apps will be dead nuts on.

As with any shoot the shit topic, readers are free to make any unsupported comment, use uncensored profanity, insult anyone you wish or change the subject altogether – but please, please, please no Russian hacking!

We’ll be in Christmas mode all of next week but feel free to e-mail, suggest or comment. Readers, have a Merry Christmas and an extraordinary New Year! Please be safe but enjoy this amazing Holiday. It is special in so many ways.

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