The Kinetic Difference: Quality – Consistency – Results

edd1393b-a33c-41de-9027-724958eb0f09Kinetic Industries takes a very different approach to supplying you with match-grade brass for your ammunition manufacturing.  We call it the “Kinetic Difference.”  That difference starts with on-time deliveries of your brass–no matter how large or small your order–at prices often half of what the competition charges.

But that’s only the beginning. Even before you place an order, Kinetic works with you to understand your business needs and to help you grow. How do we achieve this?

-Consultation is a key element of every client relationship at Kinetic Industries. From the very first call to the request for samples and through the production cycle, we are in on-going communication to identify your business’s unique and changing needs.

-We invest our time and energies in your business for your customized production and purchasing programs. We do this through an initial “Discovery Call,” followed by a market assessment as well as a budget and forecast evaluation. We cap it all with strategic planning and implementation for your company’s sustainable growth.

-Kinetic Industries customizes its products for their client partners.  Kinetic Industries can provide:

Private Label Product – Custom Head Stamps
Proprietary Calibers
Strategic production and purchasing programs based on your growth forecast

-Once you receive your order, our support only continues. To ensure that the plans and ideas we’ve decided upon actually go forward, we further provide:

Co-Branded Marketing and Sales Support
Channel Partner Strategies
Strategic Partnerships and Programs
Sponsorship and Cause Marketing

-Kinetic Industries even offers many programs to support startups and small to mid-sized companies. By investing in rising talent through collaborative efforts, we can ensure our solutions are being executed and that our clients’ and partners’ success is sustained.

If you are producing ammunition in 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win., or .338 Lapua, you owe it to yourself and your customers to call Kinetic Industries today and discover how we can help your business and your business plan move forward.

Visit the Kinetic Industries Booth #NS-6 at Industry Day at SHOT Show on Monday January 15th, 2017!

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