Chromatra’s ColorTAC CVA-14 Clips On To Any PVS-14 And Lets You See Color at Night

ColorTAC, the night vision clip-on from Chromatra that turns green to color will be exhibited at the TNVC booth #6502 during the 2017 SHOT Show

Beverly, Mass. (January 2017) –Chromatra, LLC, the innovator behind the design and manufacture of real color capable night vision, announces its new product,ColorTAC, the affordable Clip-on technology that lets you see color through your existing PVS-14 night vision device, will debut at the SHOT Show at the Tactical Night Vision Company‘s booth (#6502).

“The patented technology of ColorTAC is a game-changer for law enforcement and military units around the world and will allow them to effectively monitor and manage emergency responses through the ability to see full color in low light conditions,” Paul Stump, CEO of Chromatra explained. “Being able to see color at night helps first responders to positively ID persons, terrain, and trauma, and greatly improves situational awareness.”

The ColorTAC CVA-14 easily clips on to any existing PVS-14 _Product in photo may not represent final production product

The patented ColorTAC technology converts the monochromatic green or white phosphor image seen through night vision devices to color. Adding color to the formerly monochromatic image can minimize traditional NVG disadvantages such as disorientation, fatigue, headaches and missed trauma cues. ColorTAC is a lightweight, quick to attach analog unit that fits over any PVS-14 NVG, allowing the user to instantly see color in low light conditions. The ColorTAC unit can operate in extreme environments, is easily deployable, exceeds market battery life requirements and is affordable. The unit takes just seconds to attach, and folds quickly and compactly for storage or transportation.

The new ColorTAC units are only available to law enforcement and interested agencies are encouraged to contact Chromatra to set up an appointment at the TNVC booth #6502 and see the color they’ve been missing. Contact (978) 473-7005 x103 to set up an appointment at the SHOT Show, or email us

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