One of several things that I wanted to take a closer look at, while at Shot Show 2017, was Blackhawk’s Omnivore holster. Shooters with weapon mounted lights face two very real challenges; finding a quality competent holster for their preferred platform and one that accepts a weapon mounted light or laser-light combination. The difficulty in doing that is not to be understated and it results in us accumulating a drawer full of holsters. Blackhawk Industries has addressed that requirement with the introduction of the Omnivore holster. It’s newest holster accepts over 150 platform types equipped with either a Surefire X300 light or the Streamlight TLR-1 / TLR-2 weapon mounted lights.

If you want to use your light equipped Glock 19 today, your Sig tomorrow and a Glock the day after all you need is one holster. What drives your purchased is a rail equipped platform, right or left hip carry and the light type


img_6587-562x660 (1)The Omnivore does away with the traditional SERPA locking mechanism; instead, it uses a plunger thumb  release that is less prone to sand and other obstructions. The holster is level 2 and locks on img_6587-562x660the weapon mounted accessory; however, if you want to use the holster without its light or light-laser installed, you’ll need to install the provided locking block to your accessory rail.

The Omnivore ships with a belt slide mount as well as a paddle. Blackhawk also has plans to provide a drop-leg attachment but there’s no date available for that feature.

M.S.R.P. $59.95 but you should be able to find one at $50 or a little less.

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