Setting up a precision rifle for tactical and long range shooting requires that all mechanical variables are removed, or well controlled. For example, one area often overlooked by beginner shooters is ensuring that their scope’s reticle has no can’t, this is a requirement so elevation adjustments are perfectly vertical and wind adjustments perfectly horizontal.

Once the equipment is trued up, the shooter comes next. Canting your rifle is easy to do and deleterious to maintaining a high degree of precision. To that end, several manufacturers have introduced a variety of inclinometers to provide a visual indication of cant for the shooter. Most designs involve the use of a level bubble mounted on a device that attaches to the receiver’s rail system or that mount directly to the rifle scope.

DSC_1767While perusing the tactical / professional optics at the Leupold exhibit, I saw this inclinometer but I was unable to identify the manufacturer. This particular device, attaches to the rifle’s rail system and provides a visual indication of cant using the traditional bubble level and an electronic mechanism that lights blue, green and red LEDs. When you see a green light, your rifle is completely level, red lights indicate that you are canting left and blue lights indicate that you are canting right.

Our dilemma is identifying the manufacturer or developer. If you’ve encountered this accessory and can identify its manufacturer or developer please let us know. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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