Magneto Speed M-Series Grip


Magneto Speed has introduced the M-Series Grip for your AR patterned rifle. The grip is larger than your standard issue AR grip with a number of grip enhancing features like exceptional texturing and grip angle. The grip’s internal, module ejection system allows users to store a number of different and useful modules in the grip itself so that they are always ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.

m-series grip

Magneto Speed offers several modules: 

  1. The M-Series DryBOX module which fits flush inside M-Series Grip. The water-tight seal allows users to store many items within their grip cavity without worrying about water getting in.
  2. The M-Series MiniMAG module is a fully functional 3-round magazine for the AR-15 that stores completely inside the M-Series Grip.
  3. The M-Series MiniTORCH with a super bright white LED that can be run at different brightnesses along with a strobe mode. Also onboard are two small red LED’s for keeping your night vision
  4. The M-Series MonoPOD module locks into the M-Series Grip and provides the user a quick deploying monopod for when fine elevation control is needed. The M-Series MonoPOD has a spring-loaded, first stage screw that extends to 3 below the grip base.
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