The KILO 2400 ABS is a complete ballistic solver and LRF in a compact package. Using Bluetooth BLE, the KILO 2400 pairs with its app to store up to 4 weapon profiles. The app accepts 30 weapon profiles from which the user can select any four to upload to the LRF. In addition to running on the Applied Ballistics software, the KILO 2400 has internal environmental sensors for temperature, density altitude, humidity, etc. all of which can be overridden using the app and smart device. SIG included an audio jack anemometer to capture wind speed and direction. Using the app on your smart device you can fire the laser remotely to get range as well as display your ballistic solution. The LRF ships with a tripod mount as well. The SIG folks have tested ranging out to 3000 yards on a reflective target.  SIG has done an impressive job developing the KILO 2400 ABS. M.S.R.P. is $1799 with street price being slightly better.

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