At this year’s Shot Show, I had the opportunity to swing by Remington’s booth where there was a bit of a crowd looking over the company’s completely redesigned R51 and their new RP9.

The R51 was first introduced in 2014 soon after its introduction a number of problems began to surface. In 2016 Remington overcame design issues and in August of 2016 began shipping the newly redesigned R51. It’s key features include: less muzzle rise and reduced felt recoil, light slide racking force, optimized grip angle and slim aluminum frame, 9MM +P match-grade 3.4” barrel, light, smooth and crisp trigger and two semi-flush 7+1 magazines.

I was very impressed with the RP9, ergonomics were quite good as was the trigger which had a very short reset. Remington designed the RP9 as an 18+1 pistol which makes it the highest capacity polymer pistol on the market. The sights looked good as the serrations front and back on the slide. The RP9 is a excellent pistol playing in a very crowded and competitive space. It’s $489 M.S.R.P. should help quite a bit. Lots of value from our folks at Remington.

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