EOTech VUDU 1- 6X 24mm Precision Rifle Scope



At this year’s Shot Show, I finally got the opportunity to take a close look at EOTech’s Vudu 1-6X24mm rifle scope.  EOTech makes the 1-6 x 24 Vudu in 3 models, the SR-1, SR-2 and SR-3; the difference being reticle patterns and click values. The SR-1 is a mil-mil optic wit a 0.2 MRAD click value and the SR-2 and SR-3 are both MOA with a 0.5 MOA click value. I was hoping to see EOTech offer a reticle calibrated for the 300 BLK with hold points for the 220gr subsonic loads but no cigar! The 1-6 magnification is ideal for the 300 BLK load so if we keep our fingers crossed or bug the product manager sufficiently we could see one late 2017, or just in time for a SHOT 2018 announcement.


The Vudu is a true 1x optic that keeps the ubiquitous illuminated circle dot at the 1x magnification. There’s only two ways to run this optic and those are 1x for CQC/CQB and 6X for all other shooting.

The glass clarity is excellent as is color rendition. The all important tactile feel for the elevation and wind turrets are also first class.  I couldn’t conduct a box test so I can’t speak to Vudu’s tracking but here I rely on EOTech’s world class experience in the production of combat optics.

At it’s price point of $1399, EOTecch’s Vudu 1-6 x 24 has considerable competition so we’ll need to see how it all shakes out in the market place. However, I will say  that adding one to your AR or 3 gun kit is not a poor decision.



Objective Lens

Focal Plane
First Focal Plane

Eye Relief
1x: 83-100mm; 6x: 82-100mm

Exit Pupil
1x: 11.4mm; 6x: 4.0mm

Field-Of-View (Degrees)
1x: 19.4 degrees; 6x: 3.2 degrees

Field-Of-View (@100 Yards)
1x: 102.4 ft; 6x: 16.7 ft

Exterior Finish
Flat Black; Type III anodized

Illumination Controls
Push Buttons

Exposed Optical Surface Treatment Lens Coating
Broadband anti-reflection coating

Windage and Elevation Increment Per Click
SR2, SR3 Models: Approx. 0.5 MOA
SR1 Model: Approx. 0.2 MRAD

Total Elevation Adjustment Range About Factory-Defined Zero Reference
± 14.5 min MRAD or ± 50 MOA

Total Windage Adjustment Range About Factory-Defined Zero Reference
± 14.5 min MRAD or ± 50 MOA

Battery Type

Auto Power Shut-Off, Typical Time Interval at Which Power Will Shut Down to Preserve Battery Life
Approx. 2 hrs

Battery Life, Typical Time of Use at Middle Brightness Setting at Room Temperature
Approx. 500 hrs

Overall Length
270 mm (10.63 in)

20.1 oz (570 gr)

Tube Diameter

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