IDF Lt. Col. (Ret) Mickey Hartman and the MH1 Weapon Sight


You would be hard pressed to find a more likeable and gregarious individual than IDF Lt. Col. (Ret) Mickey Hartman; for me, every encounter with Mickey has been a learning experience and he loves to teach. Were I to serve with the man “Professor” would soon be his handle. While at Shot Show 2017, I had an opportunity to spend time with Mickey, the developer of the Hartman MH1 combat sight.

The MH1 is an industry first in numerous ways. First, the MH1 has two power sources, an internal battery rechargeable via a USB port and a backup CR123 which is in the circuit and ready to take up the load should the internal battery fail or is depleted.  Second, the MH1 comes with a band that installs around the handguards and using a wireless connection allows the operator to change reticle brightness and perform other functions. A third feature and one Mickey demonstrated is the MH1’s very near zero parallax. This is achieved by an internal mechanical collimating system that allows adjustment of the distance between the LED and the aspheric lens. The MH1 is also configurable using a laptop or desktop via the sight’s USB port – reticle brightness,  reticle illumination timeout and battery saving options are all configurable. Last but not least, the MH1 has internal accelerometers that detect weapon engagement motions, such as shouldering the weapon, to wake the sight up from a battery saver mode. Other nice features include an integrated QD mount and a housing profile that allows access to the rear mounted controls, even with a magnifier installed.

The MH1 is an impressive sight with more industry firsts than I care to count. The sight was years in development and reflects Mickey Hartman’s 22 years of experience in the IDF. You’ll want to check this sight out…

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