GEMTECH’s LUNAR-45 Modular Suppressor


For 2017 the folks at GEMTECH introduced what I think will be hit in the suppressor space. The company introduced a modular pistol caliber suppressor, the Lunar-45. In order to be effective, suppressors need to have a large internal volume and an effective mechanism for creating turbulence and slowing propellant gases. GEMTECH’s Lunar-45 achieves that by employing a titanium blast baffle and a modular design that allows increasing or reducing its length – removing the module reduces the suppressor’s length from 8.5 inches to 6.9 inches for a more compact form factor.

The Lunar-45 is also compatible with the following calibers (long) 9mm, 40S&W, 10mm and 300BLK (subsonic) and it’s full auto rated.

Availability is still a bit of a moving target, but Q1 to Q2 2017 was bantered around at an M.S.R.P. of $799

  • Caliber: 45ACP
  • Sound Reduction: 30-34 dB
  • Diameter: ”1.375″
  • Length: 8.5″ Long, 6.9″ Short
  • Weight In Units: 11.3oz Long, 10.1oz Short
  • Mount: All GM-45 suppressors are shipped with a .578-28 standard piston
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Full Auto Rated: Yes
  • Finish: Matte Black Cerakote with Reduced Visual-IR Signature
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