Creedmoor Sports Now Offers Bore Tech Cleaning Products

Creedmoor Sports has long manufactured quality products for precision rifle shooters, such as shooting mats and stools, spotting scope accessories and apparel, as well as, of course, ammunition.

The company also partners with other quality manufacturers to provide additional products to clients, ranging from optics to reloading gear and even firearms. Most recently, Creedmoor has introduced Bore Tech’s line of cutting edge cleaning supplies to its product catalog and its online store, including the Bore Tech AR-15 Complete Receiver Cleaning Kit and Rimfire Blend Bore Cleaner.

“From bolt action .22’s to AR-15’s, we’re really happy with the variety of cleaning products Bore Tech has to offer. Used by Olympic athletes, the quality definitely matches the expectations of our precision oriented customers.” -Brent Books (Creedmoor Sports, Inc.)

Bore Tech’s AR Receiver Cleaning Kit is the industry’s most innovative and comprehensive kit specifically engineered for precision cleaning of AR upper and lower receivers. Featuring professional grade tools, the kit simply and effectively cuts cleaning time by utilizing the patent pending cross shaped Barrel Extension Wiper, circular shaped Upper Receiver Wiper and multipurpose Bolt and Carrier Cleaning Tool.

Simply spike a patch over the flexible rubber fingers on the cross-shaped Barrel Extension Wiper and watch how it compresses when going through the locking lugs and then springs open inside the barrel extension providing a quick and thorough cleaning. The circular Receiver Wiper works similarly, conforming to the receiver walls and allowing the patch to easily remove fouling and debris.

The multipurpose Bolt and Carrier Cleaning Tool makes cleaning inside the Bolt Carrier and Bolt Tail a breeze. The front end of the Bolt and Carrier Cleaning Tool is designed to remove hard carbon deposits inside the carrier, while the back end removes carbon from the bolt tail.

The kit also features a polished, stainless steel rod, polymer bolt collar, polymer cleaning pick, chamber brush, upper brush, chamber loop, double-ended nylon gun brush, and cotton swabs and patches, everything needed to get an AR-15 upper and lower receiver clean.

Keeping a rimfire barrel clean is paramount to achieving accuracy.  Just ask 2- time Olympic medalist Matt Emmons who uses and trust Bore Tech products like Rimfire Blend.

Bore Tech Rimfire Blend Bore Cleaner is a specialty, cutting edge bore cleaner that is 100% barrel safe, biodegradable and easily outperforms the competition without any hazards, toxicities or odors. Rimfire Blend rapidly removes the carbon, lead and bullet wax fouling produced by rimfire ammunition.

Rimfire Blend uses an exclusive blend of surfactants, penetrants and releasing agents to penetrate and lift lead fouling off of the barrel’s surface. This technology allows the chemical to perform all the “grunt” work, allowing for minimal time spent brushing and patching. The proof is on the patch, so do not be surprised when you see strands and flecks of lead fouling coming out the end of your bore!

Together, Creedmoor Sports and Bore Tech provide shooters with pretty much everything that is needed to accurately send rounds downrange and easily clean up afterwards. To view and purchase the full line of Bore Tech cleaning products, go to

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