H&K SP5K A Commercial Semi-automatic Version of the Legendary MP5K


Heckler & Koch’s SP5K is the commercial semi-automatic version of the MP5K, which was developed in the 1970s as a 9mm selective fire concealed carry weapon for the purpose of personal security.

Apart from changes made to comply with legal requirements,  the SP5K is exactly the same as the MP5K, particularly the controls for magazine, buttstock/receiver cap, handguard and sight mount. HK did a great job with the quick release Picatinny rail mount. It departs from the traditional HK claw mount but that DNA is clearly visible. The SP5K is HK through and through including the fluted chamber.

The SP5K comes in three variants. The pistol version with Picatinny rail mount, an SBR folding buttstock version without the quick detach rail mount and an SBR version with folding buttstock and quick detach rail mount. As shown below you can expect to shell out a very cool $2,400 plus license and dealer prep. Ahhhh one can only wish!

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