Enforce Tac 2017 in Nuremberg: Better equipment for greater security


  • 6th specialized exhibition for security experts from official agencies
  • Significant growth: exhibitors +41%, display area +78%
  • Accompanying conferences

Increasingly more ruthless violent criminals and the growing threat from terror groups with a global reach mean that official security forces are finding it more and more challenging to fulfill their main duty of protecting the public. To enable security agencies to continue to do their job properly it is absolutely essential for them to have state-of-the-art equipment. On 1 and 2 March 2017, Enforce Tac – International Exhibition & Conference for Law Enforcement, Security and Tactical Solutions, will showcase the latest ultra-modern equipment for official security forces at Exhibition Centre Nuremberg. The range of products exhibited will be complemented by two conferences for police and official security experts. The patron of the event is Joachim Herrmann, Bavarian Minister for the Interior.

At the sixth round of Enforce Tac, 214 exhibitors (151 in 2016) will showcase guns and ammunition for official agencies, ballistic accessories, optics and optronics, communications technology, tactical equipment and vehicles and PPE like bulletproof vests, body armor, face protection, shields and helmets. The display area for Enforce Tac has grown by 78 per cent compared with the previous year, meaning that the range of products exhibited is bigger than ever.
Because it is a specialist trade fair, entry to Enforce Tac is restricted to representatives of relevant authorities like the police force, law enforcement agencies, border protection agency, customs and military police/armed forces and authorized wholesalers with the appropriate credentials.

European Police Trainer Conference and German Police Academy Conference

Alongside the range of products exhibited at Enforce Tac, the European Police Trainer Conference (EPTK) and “Weapons and Equipment” Conference hosted by the German Police Academy Münster offer two further opportunities for specialist information and professional development as well as knowledge-sharing among international peers.
PiD – Police Trainers in Germany – hosts the EPTK conference in collaboration with NürnbergMesse. At the two-day conference, the latest developments, techniques and technologies are explored in a series of specialist presentations, while training units allow them to be tested out in practical exercises. The topics covered by this year’s conference include operational tactics in the event of killing rampages and suicide attacks as well as unmanned aviation vehicles and the use of vehicles as cover.
The German Police Academy Conference, which takes place in Nuremberg every two years, will be devoted to innovations for day-to-day policing and the safe handling of service firearms.

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