U.T.SEC – Unmanned Technologies & Security 2017: Premiere at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg

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  • New exhibition and conference at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg
  • Focus on security topics
  • Partner entities UAV DACH and the Association for Security Technology (VfS)Focus on security topics.

Security using drones, and security against drones, are the focus of the U.T.SEC – Unmanned Technologies & Security Expo & Conference, on 2-3 March 2017, NCC West, Exhibition Centre Nuremberg. The two days of the event will deal in detail with both technical and legal aspects of this subject. The official partners for the exhibition and conference are UAV DACH e.V., the German umbrella association for unmanned air transport in Europe, and VfS, the Association for Security Technology.

UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) or UAS (Unmanned Autonomous Systems), known collectively as “drones”, are a forward-looking topic of interest, with all the opportunities and risks that new technologies imply. Although most familiar from the military and hobby fields until now, unmanned systems offer major potential for increasing security and protecting human life, e.g. through monitoring, checking and inspecting traffic, infrastructure and plant in industry and the energy sector, or through use by the police, fire brigade, disaster relief and other emergency services.

At the same time, however, there are legal and technical questions about ensuring protection against the unauthorized and potentially dangerous use of drones. U.T.SEC, at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, is the world’s first exhibition and conference to focus on this subject area. The event is aimed mainly at trade visitors from the areas of public security, emergency services, industry, energy and forestry, and also factory and plant protection.

The products and services exhibited by U.T.SEC comprise unmanned air and land-based vehicles, the associated equipment, and also jamming devices to defend against drones. Trade and professional associations, authorities and specialist media will also provide information about legal and insurance matters.

The production-ready model of the h-aero one, by start-up company Hybrid-Airplane Technologies GmbH of Baden-Baden, will be on show for the first time at U.T.SEC. This patented, unmanned flying machine was developed by aerospace engineer Dr. Csaba Singer in collaboration with Stuttgart University, and combines the functions of an aircraft, helium balloon and helicopter. It is powered by two electric motors that can draw their power entirely from solar cells. Potential applications include use as a monitoring platform, for camera travel or as a vehicle to carry measuring devices. At a later stage it is also intended to help to make communications networks available at short notice. NASA has already shown interest, as part of a project for bird’s-eye exploration of Mars.

Top-level expert discussion: U.T.SEC Conference

The conference program for both days of the event is divided into two sections, with a total of 25 presentations. The conference will be opened at 9:30 a.m. on 2 March 2017 by Franz Josef Pschierer, Under-Secretary in the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology; Uwe Nortmann, Managing Director of UAV DACH e.V.; and Wilfried Joswig, CEO of the Association for Security Technology (VfS).

The first section, “Deployment and defense against unmanned technologies”, provides a comprehensive overview of various potential applications of unmanned systems for security-related tasks. A wide range of potential applications will be presented, from the transportation of drugs and stored blood, to use in open-cast mining and disaster zones and in maintaining urban security. Specialist speakers will also deal in depth with detecting and defending against drones, and will highlight both technical and legal possibilities in this area.

“UAS as a security focus”, will deal with questions such as “How do UASs influence security strategies for users, e.g. in the transport sector, industry and penal institutions?” “Where is there a practical benefit in using drones to secure critical infrastructure, and where not?” and “What should security heads be prepared for in terms of usability or user-friendliness vs. legal and technical challenges with the use of detection systems?

Three exhibitions in a short timeframe

U.T.SEC 2017 focuses on the technical opportunities for improving security using unmanned systems, and protection against the undesired use of such systems, at civilian, industrial and State levels. The range of services extends from unmanned systems to communications, data transmission, positioning, IT, perimeter protection, electronic fencing, optics, optronics, lighting and defense against UAVs.

Because there are some overlaps between the target groups, e.g. police and the forestry industry, this new event will run partly in parallel with two other important exhibitions at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg. The first is Enforce Tac, the international exhibition for command, control and operational equipment used by security agencies, on 1-2 March, and the second is IWA Outdoor Classics, the leading international exhibition for hunting and shooting sports, outdoor equipment and equipment for civilian and official security requirements, which will immediately follow between 3 and 6 March.

For further information on the new event see: http://www.utsec.de

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