Bore-tips – Better. Faster. Easier.


Bore-tips® by Swab-its® will get you back in action quickly. Lint-free, washable and re-useable, Bore-tips are caliber-specific firearms cleaning foam swabs that utilize your standard cleaning rod and provide a superior result compared to traditional cleaning methods. There is no need to fumble with patches and jags or pick lint left behind by old-fashioned cotton patches. Bore-tips® are available nine caliber specific sizes from .22cal to 12GA.

Swab-its will be demonstrating and selling the complete line at The Great Alaska Sportsman Show. This event will take place March 30, 31 – April 1, 2, 2017 at the Sullivan and Ben Boeke Arenas in Anchorage, booth 131. Stop by to learn more and take home Swab-its firearms cleaning products. For more information, please

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