Fobus Holster Fits the New Smith and Wesson M&P, M2.0


Bensalem, Pa. (March 2017) – Fobus Holster expands its SWMP holster to fit the new Smith and Wesson M&P, M2.0 in 9MM, .40 and .45 calibers. It is available in paddle, belt and roto styles.

The Fobus SWMP, a high density injection molded polymer holster, is an Evolution Series holster which provides passive retention and an adjustment screw for customized retention based upon the user’s personal preference. Steel reinforced rivets secure the holster to your attachment of choice and further strengthen the overall integrity of the holster, ensuring years of reliable and trouble free use.

The SWMP paddle version includes a proprietary rubber insert on the back of the paddle designed to keep the holster from moving on the user while at the same time adding to the overall comfort of the holster. It is supremely comfortable 24/7 and effortless to put on and take off.

The SWMP Roto version allows for a 360 degree rotation and can be used with either the paddle or belt attachment. It ensures perfect cant rotation.

Additionally, the Smith & Wesson M&P, M2.0, 9MM and .40 magazines fit perfectly in the Fobus 6909ND double mag pouch and the M2.0 .45 magazine also fits very well in the Fobus 6945 double mag pouch. Both mag pouches are an Evolution Series and include an adjustment screw for the user to dial in the ideal magazine retention pressure.

All Fobus products are exceptionally comfortable, durable and come with a Lifetime Warranty. Both the SWMP holster and 6909/6945 mag pouches are offered at $38.99 (paddle and belt) and $42.99 (Roto) online at as well as from hundreds of major retailers, dealers and distributors located nationwide.

Learn more about the SWMP Evolution holster, and the rest of Fobus’ extensive selection of passive and active retention holsters and mag pouches on YouTube.

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