Birchwood Casey Chooses Source Outdoor Group for Media Planning and Creative

Birchwood Casey, makers of shooting targets, firearms cleaning and maintenance supplies, gun refinishing products and firearms cases, is pleased to announce that it has selected Source Outdoor Group, of Gainesville, Georgia, for media planning and creative work. A standard in the firearms industry since 1948, Birchwood Casey is a staple in almost every gun-owning household and is known for its innovative and handy products like the famous Shoot-N-C target line.

“Birchwood Casey has been a go-to brand for serious shooters since 1948, and we’ve seen a lot of changes over the years,” says Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Todd Binsfeld. “None of those changes compares to the explosion of information avenues like social media and the Internet. These days, you need someone who knows how to reach all audiences and appeal to different age groups, and that’s why we chose Source Outdoor Group. Our partnership with SOG will allow Birchwood Casey to reach firearms enthusiasts no matter where they get their information, and they’ll help ensure we have designs that appeal to shooters young or old.”

Source Outdoor Group specializes in public relations, marketing, communications, and media relations in the outdoors and firearms industry. With an impressive list of clients already, Source Outdoor Group knows how to define and communicate the brand message to the audience that matters most-the people who buy shooting sports products.

“We are fortunate to work with some of the biggest names in the outdoors industry, but I have to admit it was humbling to add Birchwood Casey to the Source Outdoor Group team,” said Aaron McCaleb, President/Owner of SOG. “I grew up watching my father use Birchwood Casey products, and it was only natural that I also looked to Birchwood Casey when shooting and caring for my own firearms. The Birchwood Casey name is legendary in the shooting industry, and it’s going to be our pleasure to help them grow and appeal to the next generation of shooters and hunters.”

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