The Bawidamann boys have been working on a new limited edition blade. They describe it as  Stabby, 90 degree, inline tip, offhand appendix carry sewing machine defensive dagger. Whew that was a mouthful.
Ben will be doing a special limited piece custom run of this knife. The list price for the custom version after pre-sale will be $345, but Custom pre-orders will be $285. A pretty sweet discount to help finance the run.
Pre-orders are non-refundable as purchase will be to pay for material, belts, hardware, etc.
Expected delivery dates of May 7th – May 15th 2017.

Limited Custom Run Pre-order details
Steel: .100 CPM S35VN
Finish: Custom cerakote
Handle Scales:IM Bawidamann Chunked Pattern Carbon Fiber (proprietary Carbon fiber composite)
Hardware: 316 stainless standoffs and Coated torx screws
Scabbard: comes out of the box with the Bawidamann Uberscabbard
Length: 8.125 inches

Top edge…Standard, but Unsharpened top edge available by request

More info/purchase: CLICK HERE:

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