Chromatra Introduces Existing NVGs to a World of Color at Border Security Expo 2017

Chromatra, innovators in night vision technologies, will be showing the ColorTAC CVA-14 Color Night Vision Adaptor at booth 741 during the 11th annual Border Security Expo in San Antonio, Texas

Beverly, Mass. (April 2017)Chromatra, LLC, the innovator behind the design and manufacture of real color capable night vision, will show their new product, the ColorTAC CVA-14, the affordable Clip-on technology that lets you see color through your existing PVS-14 night vision device at the Border Security Expo, April 11-12, 2017 in San Antonio, Texas. 

The Border Security Expo, now in its 11th year, brings together high-level decision makers for border enforcement, surveillance, identification, biometric, communications, data sharing, and radiation detection from all around the world to discuss the most prevalent security topics and present the latest innovative solutions.

The ColorTAC CVA-14 easily clips on to any existing PVS-14 (product pictured may not represent final production version).

The ColorTAC technology , which made its official debut at the 2017 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada in January, has gained widespread attention in the law enforcement, federal and military departments for its unique ability to negate the main disadvantage of current night vision gear (NVG) technology. The “green glow,” monochromatic image denies the NVG viewer critical visual information: color. This missing information can be a liability or even potentially deadly. Without the vital information that seeing color can provide, law enforcement personnel may not be able to properly access the scene and make correct tactical decisions; military medics have difficulty telling blood from water, oil or other fluids, and thus may make mistakes in triage priorities; troops can have difficulty navigating terrain; and seeing color can reduce the fatigue and visual distortion green monochromatic night vision can cause.

Chromatra, LLC, established in 2014, is the first company to credibly develop the ColorTAC technology which  when used in conjunction with any of the over 1-million night vision devices already on the market today, provides the user with, simply, a color image at night. For those who rely on NVG’s to perform their mission, the ability to See What’s Missing can be the difference between life and death.

The ColorTAC unit operates in extreme environments, is easily deployable, lightweight, exceeds market battery life requirements and is affordable. The unit folds up quickly and compactly for storage or transportation and takes just seconds to attach to any existing PVS-14-green or white phosphor- the most common NVG device used by the military and major law enforcement agencies.

Truck as seen through traditional Night Vision Gear, result is “green glow.”

Truck, now visible as a Red Truck, seen through the addition of the CVA-14 ColorTAC adaptor.

For more information on Chromatra or the ColorTAC CVA-14, visit .

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