Brownells Joins Agency Arms’ “Brotherhood” & Will Donate 5% of Sales to LE Charity

Brownells_AgencyBrotherhood_640x480%202_zpsfwilrtdxGRINNELL, Iowa (April 6, 2017) – Brownells is proud to announce it has been “Welcomed to the Brotherhood” by Agency Arms, and is now carrying a selection of Agency’s highly customized Glock® and Smith & Wesson® pistols.

To commemorate its adoption into the Agency Arms’ Brotherhood, Brownells will donate five percent of its Agency Arms pistol sales to the Brotherhood for the Fallen, a Chicago-based organization that helps the family of any police officer killed feloniously in the United States.

Brownells will make this five percent donation on any Agency Arms complete firearm sold from now through April 17, 2017.

Brownells is now carrying the following Agency Arms complete firearms:

“Agency Arms is certainly one of the most well recognized pistol custom shops out there,” said Pete Brownell, CEO of Brownells. “Their finished handguns are real works of art and we’re happy to offer them to our customers. We encourage customers to buy them now to help out a great law enforcement organization.”

“We are proud to partner with Brownells to make our builds available for purchase,” said Phil So, Agency Arms Director of Sales. “Brownells is not only a source for Agency Arms triggers, mag wells and barrels, but a leading source for gun parts, accessories and now complete firearms.”

To learn more about Brownells’ nearly 5,000 firearms online and their free shipping on each of them, visit

About Agency Arms

Agency Arms was created in January of 2015 and created by weapons operators themselves interested more in the functionality than the visual appeal. Agency Arms is a Veteran and LEO owned establishment that specializes in aftermarket weapon modifications. To learn more,

About Brotherhood for the Fallen

Brotherhood for the Fallen was established in March 2010. Our mission is to honorably attend the services of Fallen Officers across the United States & Canada who have made the ultimate sacrifice, giving his/her life during the performance of their duties, by providing safety for citizens. To learn more, visit

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