FAA Expands Restricted Air Space for UAS Operations

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The use of UAS is expanding exponentially and some of our readers have begun to incorporate the use of UAS for tactical operations training or aerial filming of training sessions. You need to be aware of your airspace at any AGL.

Effective April 14, flights up to 400 feet within the lateral boundaries of 133 military facilities will be restricted. This decision was made in conjunction by the FAA and the U.S. Defense Dept. Operators who violate the new restrictions may be subject to civil penalties, criminal charges or other enforcement action.

“There are only a few exceptions that permit drone flights within these restrictions,” said the FAA, “and they must be coordinated with the individual facility and/or the FAA.”

The Transportation Dept. and the FAA are currently evaluating options to implement a process to accept petitions to prohibit or restrict drone operations over critical infrastructure and other facilities. The FAA also said it is considering additional requests from federal security and intelligence agencies for restrictions.

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