It’s Friday and time for our shoot the shit topic. A shoot the shit is an event where participants talk about anything and everything that comes to mind whether they know anything about it or not.  Shoot the shits are recognized for their high therapeutic value. Our rules are very simple, anyone can participate, make unsupported comments, use uncensored profanity, insult anyone you wish or change the subject all together. Even better, is the fact that you won’t have to pay $300 per hour to a jackass that became a behavioral “scientist” because they wanted to understand themselves. So without further a do….

Is there anyone out there that’s not completely convinced that we are hosed?

  1. We have a media who thinks the sarin gas attacks in Syria could be a Russian conspiracy  to help President DJ Trump’s popularity after the Tomahawk strikes on Al Shayrat Air Base. Really?  Then you have Chris Matthews on Mr. Trumps lack of U.S. History knowledge. More specifically, Chris Matthews expounds on President Trump’s lack of understanding of past U.S. history and how it could impact foreign policy decisions today. Sure Chris, please tell me how the Louisiana Purchase could form North Korea policy. Chris hasn’t oxygenated his brain in so long that it no longer qualifies as living tissue.
  2. We also find ourselves facing the very real prospect that Kim Jong-un, who we have nicknamed Mini-Me with a bad haircut, could launch a nuclear strike. Here’s a supreme leader, who whacked his uncle and whacked his brother when he should have shot his barber, with ICBMs and nuclear warheads. If you’ve watched the videos of Kim Jong-un launching multiple rockets, it looks like the Japanese attacks on Mathra. I don’t want you to worry too much about this because it’s highly probable that he can’t deliver a warhead to the United States but he could readily hit South Korea or Japan. That bad news for those countries but since prevailing winds are westerly, California could expect to see a significant amount of fallout from a air detonation. Naturally there would be retaliation which would certainly be a waste of some pretty good looking North Korean chicks.
  3. Moving on to Syria, we have Al Assad denying the latest chemical attack and actually suggesting that the dead and dying children could have been actors. It takes remarkable cruelty to make a statement like that.

So what the hell is happening readers? Well, we think it’s the secret CIA Space Portal in Malibu, Speaking of the CIA, I was extremely proud of Director Pompao who stop short of calling Julian Assange a cocksucker.

Have a great Easter weekend readers and do let us hear from you. Remember to keep sweat pumps in low speed.


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