North Korea And The Trump Tax Return Extravaganza

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It’s Friday and time for our weekly shoot the shit topic.We hope you’ve all had a productive week and looking forward to an even better weekend. So, without further a do, let me jump right into the soup and I’ll kick it off with North Korea.

“A Super Mighty Preemptive Strike?” North Korea reminds me of a shipmate. There’s no delicate way for me to share this true story but I’ll make every effort to keep it civil.

While on liberty, he met a woman, and after several hours of chatting and cocktails she decides to take him home. I assume that in an effort to arouse her, he looked into her eyes and told her that he would fornicate her brains out. While copulating, he felt a gentle tapping on the top of his head. He then noticed that she was using a pencil to tap on his head. At first he thought this was a technique to break his concentration increasing his stamina; however, after asking why she was doing that, she responded saying: “if you are fornicating my brains out, I’m beating your brains out.” North Korea is like that shipmate!

The very best thing that could happen to Pyongyang, is a display that they’ve been able to back down the United States of America. Our media’s incessant quest for  strategy information from our administration may very well achieve that; it is precisely what Pyongyang wants to see. North Korea, has a large military that’s big in numbers but short on capabilities and they are a huge liability to the Chinese government as it tries to establish itself as a responsible major power in the Pacific Region.

The United States and its allies have the capability to launch concurrent conventional strikes that would leave North Korea, without missiles, airfields, fuel and tanks, and it would be a colossal error in judgment for Pyongyang to move against South Korea. If you’ve seen the film Blazing Saddles what North Korea is doing is placing a gun to its own head saying don’t move or I’ll shoot my regime.

Image result for Tax returnOn Donald J Trump’s Tax Returns, there is no legal requirement for a Presidential candidate or President to disclose past years tax returns. The fact that prior Presidents have done so is irrelevant. So, why is there a rabid outcry for Donald Trumps Tax returns? The Democrats are hoping they can find something they can leverage against President Trump misinforming its constituents and activists who are largely uninformed.

Donald Trump made his fortune in real estate developments, projects that run in the millions of dollars. Financing of these projects generally involve multiple lenders and/ or investors. In order to mitigate risk, lenders may only take a portion of the required funding. For example, on an $500 million project, Wells Fargo may agree to a $50 million participation, Chase may do nothing because their portfolio already has too much commercial development exposure etc., so a borrower needs to look for financing sources on the global economy to secure the $500 million requirement. Putting together a large project financing package could involve Middle East, European, Chinese and Russian financial institutions. These financing activities are routine. Suggesting a conflict of interest exists because a Chinese bank has a $250 million loan on a Trump property is a misrepresentation at best. Democrats know this; they also know that the majority of their audience is uninformed or not at all informed and thus can not independently evaluate what they’re being fed. Any financial activity that the Trump enterprise was engaged in is BAU (business as usual). Using business deductions, put in place by Congress over the years,  to reduce a tax liability is legal. Would you give up your homeowner exemption so that you can pay more in taxes? No! And while we’re at it, what business is it of the Democratic Party, or any other political party and the media, what an individual or business does for charitable organizations?

So, I get back to the original question, specifically what are you looking for in Trump’s tax returns?

Our First Amendment is one of the great defining liberties of our magnificent Republic but I honestly don’t think the Founders ever anticipated this many morons. It’s unbelievable and counterproductive!

Have a dynamite weekend! Enjoy some quality time with your buds and family, or get to those projects around the house. 


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