The B&T APC45 is a purpose-driven design, created to meet the needs of police, special forces, and military personnel around the world.

When a request was put out for an alternative lightweight and compact option to replace outdated platforms that had been in use for 50+ years, B&T responded with the APC45. Met with praise from users across the spectrum, the APC45 has since been adopted by military and police units throughout Europe.

SilencerCo is proud to bring you a civilian-legal, semi-auto pistol variant of the APC45 submachine gun paired with our new-for-2017 Omega 45K with an updated 3-Lug Mount*, all packaged in a Vertx EDC Ready Pack.

These 25 packages are available exclusively through Capitol Armory.  B&T factory stocks – 10 folders and 15 telescoping – will be available via Capitol Armory if you want to convert this pistol into an SBR at time of purchase.

M.S.R.P. $3,175

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