VATC Showcases Groundbreaking EPIC Ready™ At SOFIC 2017 In Tampa

TAMPA, Fla., May 15, 2017 Visual Awareness Technologies and Consulting Inc. (VATC), a leader in delivering realistic training environments to government and commercial customers around the world, announced today that it will provide demonstrations of its innovative EPIC Ready platform, and host a small user group reception to discuss the current and future applications of the product at the 2017 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference in Tampa, Fla., May 15-18. At their user group reception, titled “The Map of ThingsTM: Mission Readiness through a Map-Based Data Analytics Platform,” EPIC Ready users are invited to discuss the product’s development and deployment thus far, and operational input into the technology’s future solutions for greater mission readiness. Launched just six months ago at I/ITSEC 2016, EPIC is already having great success in support to many customers across the DoD.

“In today’s ever-changing threat environment, no organization is ever expected or able to act alone in times of crisis. Recognizing the numerous challenges that face the Joint Forces today and in the future, we developed the EPIC Ready platform to bridge critical gaps in training realism and assessment,” said Sara Moola, VATC’s co-founder and CEO. “EPIC Ready seeks to maximize individual and unit mission readiness by exposing all echelons of command to the most realistic training and exercise experience possible, enabling objective and comprehensive exercise performance measurement, and visually representing the multi-dimensional ‘Map of Things’ through EPIC’s high resolution 3D common layered geospatial environment. We’re looking forward to discussing the future of the product, and how we work together for enhancing global mission readiness, with our users at SOFIC.”

EPIC Ready™ is a cloud-based or appliance-delivered platform that was created to improve realism in training, and to distribute exercise performance analytics in both dashboards and map-based presentations.  Using a combination of geospatial representation and analytics, replication of realistic human dynamics, and performance-driven metrics, EPIC delivers comprehensive analysis and quantifiable and actionable results available for sharing “Jointly” among defense, intelligence, partner nations and non-governmental organizations. EPIC Ready™ is comprised of three tools combining to generate the most realistic open and distributed enterprise platform ever created. System elements include:

  • Common Database Builder — Provides enhanced command and control (C2) and geospatial visualization, allowing users to build, edit and share 3-D models for a uniform training experience.
  • Digital Media Replicator — Enables participants to engage in the most realistic environments possible by aggregating digital media information to inform intelligence and operations and enhance training and exercise effects.
  • Planning and Analysis System Improves rapid field review and deepens the combat preparedness assessment by measuring training performance against mission objectives, becoming the first near real-time system to realistically and objectively assess readiness.

The EPIC Ready platform will be demonstrated at SOFIC 2017, May 15-18, in suites 2138/2133 at the Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel.  To set up a demo, contact Thomas Miller from VATC at To learn more about VATC, please visit

About Visual Awareness Technologies and Consulting, Inc. (VATC)

For more than a decade, Visual Awareness Technologies and Consulting Inc. (VATC) has combined its joint training experience, innovative engineering talent, and intelligence expertise to pioneer the development of the most advanced, realistic Distributed Missions Operations (DMO) training environments available. Combining the latest open geospatial data standards with an integrated suite of innovative DMO training solutions, VATC offers a legacy of proven performance, leading subject-matter expertise and the most innovative technological solutions to the modern military’s growing challenges. For more information, visit us at, or on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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