Swab-its Star Chamber Cleaning Swabs For The M4 / AR-15

20170519_151803AR owners are all too familiar with what a pain it is to clean the chamber. Swab-Its, makers of the popular Bore Tips, introduced their Star Chamber Cleaning foam swabs in late April 2017. We’ll be trying them out this June to share our impressions.

  • There are a number of key features: Swab-its Star Chamber Cleaning foam swabs are designed for AR-15/M4 platforms (AR-10 and bolt actions are manufactured with much larger chambers and locking lugs.), each tip can be used multiple times and should substantially outlast a similar priced bag of patches, mops, and felt pads; they are also washable and reusable with degreasing soap and water or mineral spirits and lint-free and fiber-free.
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