SOFIC is normally not the venue where exhibitors launch new products, many of these companies launch product at SNOT SHOW, in Las Vegas. However, this year was a notable exception with some pretty interesting new offerings from OTIS, Surefire and Aimpoint. As customary, SOFIC is not the best photo opportunity setting due to classification and security concerns, so if you’re wondering why we did not provide an “ a la Shot Show” photo expose, those are the reasons why.

First up is OTIS Technology, who developed a sight block mounted AK mount for the Trijicon MRO  and a sight block mounted AK Picatinny rail extension.



In June of 2014, I had the opportunity to review the OTIS MSRS 2-piece rail system, which as I understand was a limited production for the DoD to upgrade the standard issue  M4 (non SOPMOD). The machining on the MSRS was 100% MIL-Spec, succinctly the best 2-piece rail system on the market. The same quality  of design and machining is evident in the company’s AK rail mount for the Trijicon MRO and AK rail mount with a Picatinny extension. What’s unique about OTIS’ approach is that their mount sits over the rear leaf sight so there’s no modification to the weapon. How it performs under fire will tell the story but it’s certainly looking good for AK owners that want to equip their Kalashnikovs with an MRO or a reflex sight.

Surefire LLC had The MASTERFIRE™Rapid Deploy Holster at their booth. The company announced the holster last month and its been getting quite a bit of attention. Why?

The MASTERFIRE™ holster allows the operator to carry his or her sidearm with the suppressor installed. This is a big deal for a variety of reason. I was interested in two aspects weapon retention and weapon deployment; both of these were allayed after inspecting the holster.

On weapon retention, nothing gets in the way of a retention lanyard. The holster fully covers the trigger and trigger guard, Surefire engineered the MASTERFIRE™ to lock on the weapon mounted light and it’s a thumb drive release. The holster is weapon agnostic and is compatible with Surefire’s  XH15, X300UH-B and X400UH-A weapon lights. Another nice feature is the inclusion of a switch that activates the weapon light as you draw it. I’m going to call that a bit of fluff but that’s OK. Weapon deployment and holstering requires a bit of behavior modification; like Blackhawk’s Omnivore you need to work with it to develop proficiency.


Aimpoint showed me a new weapon sight that I’m not at liberty to show you, but I think you’ll get to see it Full Monty at SHOT 2018 in Las Vegas. So, make sure you have the Aimpoint Booth on your hit list.

The company also introduced a 6x magnifier for those needing that level of magnification. The glass is excellent and red dot artifacts have been minimized. We’re all too familiar with the comet effect when using a magnifier behind the reflex sight. In a 6x magnifier the problem is even worse so Aimpoint had to put their thinking cap on. You can expect excellent performance from the 6x magnifier from Aimpoint. The downside for me is a very limited field of view.


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