The Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) remains the premier venue bringing U.S. and International Special Operations Forces (ISOF) together with an industrial consortium to communicate needs, explore new technologies and learn. It’s an event unlike any other in the world, and like a fine wine gets better year over year. 

The Special Operations Community is tasked with taking the lead on the Global War on Terror and as our enemies learn and adapt, so too must our operators if we are to be successful. SOF needs are many but those needs are your opportunities and you’ll find no better, or more supportive, organization for small business than USSOCOM. If this is a market for your innovation, I encourage you to join NDIA and attend SOFIC to meet the many quiet professionals.

This concludes our coverage of SOFIC 2017. We are grateful to NDIA, USSOCOM and The City of Tampa for yet another extraordinary event. In closing, we’ve put together a slide presentation, titled SCENES FROM SOFIC 2017, for your viewing enjoyment , we hope you like it.

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